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Amelina Paraiso Nail Salon

Amelina Paraiso Nail Salon is a Nail Salon in Illinois who’s the first to provide e-file manicure a pedicure services in a unique and sophisticated way.  So many of you have heard of an e-file but not everybody knows what exactly an e-file manicure or pedicure is and why it’s called “e-file”. We are focused on providing high-end services using professional e-files & specialized implements with an extreme focus on using safe products on our clients. We are passionate about our unique techniques and innovations. At Amelina Paraiso, we use disposable products & autoclavable tools. In our salon, we use EPA-registered Hospital Grade Disinfectants, Sterilants & Medical Grade Autoclave. Safety has always been and will continue to be our top priority. 

What is e-file manicure or pedicure?

First and foremost, “e-file” means electric file. To perform these waterless manicures & pedicures, we use special high-quality electric files to exfoliate keratinized tissues without touching living tissues on our clients’ hands. It is a more deep, thorough and detailed service in comparison to the regular manicure or pedicure. To perform e-file manicures & pedicures, our highly skilled and professionally trained nail technicians use specialized e-file tools called “bits”. They have a variety of shapes, sizes and abrasives. We are proud to be the first Nail Salon in Illinois that manufacturers the highest grade tools not only for our Salon but for nail professionals all over the world. Before service begins, one of our expert nail technicians will choose the best implements and bits needed for the different skin & cuticle types for their client. Our unique e-file techniques can be performed only by our experienced nail technicians who’ve been specially trained by owner, Anna Amelina Paraiso. Our nail technicians go through rigorous training and continuing education almost weekly at Amelina Paraiso. Our Founder/Owner, Anna, has developed and continues to develop workshops for our nail technicians as well as nail technicians from all around the world. Anna continues to innovate and improve the e-file techniques performed at our salon and also manufactures the highest quality bits & implements by the Amelina Paraiso Brand in the world. All our bits and implements used always go through intense & meticulous cleaning, disinfection and sterilization processes after each service. To sterilize them, we use medical grade autoclaves. We take pride in our sterilization process & procedures. We can confidently say that no one sanitizes and disinfects better than we do here at Amelina Paraiso Salon.

Benefits of e-file techniques:

  • Waterless. We do not use water to soak hands or feet. No water means no contamination of bacterial infections, viruses, fungal infection or parasites. No water also means that your product will last longer on your nails.
  • For e-file manicures and pedicures we do not use chemicals. Our services are chemical-free. We do not use cuticle removers. Most of cuticle softeners contains acids or another harsh chemicals. 
  • Exfoliation instead of nipping. E-file manicure process is based on exfoliation of keratinized tissues without touching living tissues.
  • After e-file, cuticles grow slower and look healthier compared to the regular nipping with non e-file services. 
  • After only a few or in some instances 1 e-file pedicure session, it’s possible to get rid of the fissures, cracks & thick calluses on the feet.
  • E-file services take longer but the results will last longer than it would after basic non e-file manicures & pedicures.

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